Luna Bunny




Introducing Luna, our most magnificent Easter Bunny creation, crafted from the finest pure Belgian chocolate and nestled in a beautifully designed gift box. Luna isn’t just any bunny – it’s named after a real-life rabbit who captured hearts with their charming story.

Imagine a bunny who started out small but grew to be larger than life. They were discovered by a loving family who welcomed Luna into their home, thinking it was a miniature bunny at first. But Luna had other plans – they kept growing and growing, becoming a playful giant who adores frolicking in the garden and exploring every nook and cranny.

Just like the real Luna, our chocolate Easter Bunny is beautifully crafted. Luna’s here to bring joy and sweetness to your Easter celebrations, whether you’re sharing  with loved ones or enjoying it all to yourself.

With Luna, every bite is a delightful journey into the world of fine Belgian chocolate, handcrafted to perfection and presented in a gift box that’s as enchanting as the real Luna . So, dive into the magic of Easter with Luna the Bunny – who’s ready to hop into your heart and make this holiday truly unforgettable!


code: EAPMB750PKG

units per carton: 6

Pure Belgian milk chocolate.