Speckles Gift Box Range


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Indulge in a fun family favourite – our irresistible Giant Pure Milk Chocolate Speckles that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Crafted with the utmost care and creativity, these delectable treats are made from premium quality couverture chocolate, generously adorned with colourful 100’s & 1,000’s sprinkles. The Speckles range is a nostalgic classic that will transport you to sweet, cherished memories.

Our pure milk chocolate confections make for the perfect gift on any occasion. Imagine all the moments – birthdays, dinners, cozy movie nights, expressions of gratitude, festive celebrations like Christmas and Easter, heartfelt get-well wishes, and joyous congratulations. Show your affection with this luscious pure milk chocolate delight.

The Speckles Gift Box Range boasts 8 delectable varieties, each a unique treat in itself: Milk Chocolate Dot, Milk Chocolate Star, Milk Chocolate Tree, Milk Chocolate Bunny, Milk Chocolate Egg, Milk Chocolate Donut, Milk Chocolate Heart, and Milk Chocolate Love Heart!

It’s the perfect way to spread chocolate love and joy with family and friends.

100g each sold in retail shipper x 10 per kind