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Everfresh Confectionery has a rich history dating back to 1939 when it was founded as the Everfresh Snowball Company in the vibrant heart of Collingwood, Victoria.

In 1990, our family took the reins, and Everfresh Confectionery became an integral part of our lives. Relocating to the Northern suburbs, where we are currently situated, presented us with opportunities to further expand the business and diversify our product offerings. As an Australian family-owned, made, and operated business, we take immense pride in our heritage and our commitment to delivering quality confectionery to our valued customers.

Our Chocolate and Ingredients

Milk, White & Dark Chocolate

At Everfresh Confectionery, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of panned products crafted from pure, premium Australian milk, dark and white chocolate. Our dedication to quality and taste is truly unparalleled, ensuring that each bite is a luscious and irresistible experience.

For our Easter range, we elevate the chocolate experience further by using the finest Belgian couverture chocolate. Our certified vegan chocolate is also the finest from Belgian, emphasising our commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality.

Belgian chocolate is a renowned for its high-quality type of chocolate that is produced in Belgium, a country famous for its chocolate-making tradition using long standing traditional processes and craftsmanship. It is widely considered among the finest chocolates in the world with unrivalled taste and quality.   The choice of ingredients and their superior quality contributes to the exquisite taste and exceptionally smooth texture of Belgian chocolate. The outstanding flavour profile is achieved by only selecting and using the finest ingredients and paired with years of dedicated craftsmanship and expertise.

Vegan Chocolate

Our commitment to quality extends to our vegan chocolate, which is crafted from the finest Belgian couverture chocolate and holds certification from Vegan Australia. This rigorous certification follows strict criteria to ensure that our products are authentic and genuinely vegan. Rest assured, our vegan chocolate contains no ingredients derived from animals, and no animal products are involved in its manufacturing process. Furthermore, the certification guarantees that our products are produced without any animal testing or harm, aligning with our values of compassion and quality.


We are passionate about using premium ingredients, and whenever possible, we proudly incorporate Australian produce. From Australian macadamias, almonds, and peanuts to sultanas and freeze-dried strawberries, we strive to celebrate the bounty of Australian flavours in our delectable creations.

What we do.

Panned Range

Taste the WOW!

At Everfresh Confectionery, we’re known for our versatility in chocolate covering. We coat a wide array of items in pure premium Australian milk, dark, and white chocolate. What’s more, our certified vegan range showcases the finest couverture Belgian chocolate, reflecting our enthusiasm and dedication to expanding our plant-based offerings.

Our panned range is not just extensive but also indulgent, continually evolving to bring you the best-crafted chocolates. We’re always eager to collaborate, so if you have a creative idea in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s work together to turn your vision into a delectable reality.panned range

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Easter Range

Indulge in the essence of Easter with chocolate that’s luxuriously smooth, delightfully rich, and exceptionally creamy.

Our Easter selection boasts the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, and our certified vegan chocolate upholds the same level of quality sourced from Belgium.

Discover our assortment of eggs and bunnies, available in a range of sizes that promise to capture your heart.

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming Easter retail range for 2024, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Featuring stunning, fresh retail packaging that’s bound to make a lasting impression, our new products are meticulously crafted with premium Belgian couverture chocolate. From 1kg eggs to 130g eggs, charming bunnies, and even a speckled egg and bunny that not only look adorable but taste absolutely delightful, we’re excited to bring you this delectable experience.

New Products Unveiling in 2024!

Easter range  eggs and bunnies

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Enrobed Range

The delectable enrobed range in premium quality milk compound chocolate includes Snakes, Pretzels, Turkish delight, Aniseed Rings just to name a few.

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Cluster and Speckles Range

Indulge in our exquisite cluster and speckles range, featuring the irresistible allure of our mouthwatering peanut clusters and coconut roughs. Meticulously hand-mixed, these delights come enveloped in the rich embrace of premium quality milk and dark compound chocolate.

For a playful twist, our speckles are a cherished family favorite, available in the luxurious embrace of premium quality milk and white compound chocolate. Elevate the indulgence with our GIANT range of hearts, speckles, and pizzas, leaving an unforgettable impression and crafted with the finest premium quality milk compound chocolate.

Our cluster and speckles range


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The Creations

Chocolate Cake with Freeze Dried Strawberries

VEGAN Mixed Chocolate Platter

Mixed Chocolate Platter

The magic of chocolate happens as it melts in your mouth and the heavenly flavour components are released to reveal the warm, silky texture and delicate balanced aroma.

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