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Vegan Chocolate

As the premier vegan chocolate supplier in Melbourne, we have sourced the finest Belgian couverture chocolate and it’s certified by Vegan Australia. The strict criteria set by Vegan Australia assures you that the products are authentic and genuine vegan food. The vegan dark chocolate does not contain any ingredients derived of animal origin, nor are there any animal products used during manufacturing. The certification also provides assurance that no animals are tested or harmed. The good news is that our bulk vegan chocolate  products that we make in Melbourne taste delicious and you don’t have to be vegan to love them. They are perfect for those with a dairy intolerance or simply wanting a non dairy chocolate alternative as our chocolate is certified vegan, meaning that is has not had any contact with dairy or animal products what so ever. Our vegan dark chocolate, never contains any by-products of animal agriculture such as whey and gelatine. Our dairy free chocolate is delicious and earth friendly so making the switch to vegan is easy as well as ethical. When you buy our vegan chocolate you are assured premium quality, delectable combinations and peace of mind in the knowledge that they really are vegan.   Many vegans start with a gradual approach and removing dairy is one of the first and easiest steps by including dairy free chocolate, made in our Melbourne chocolate factory as an alternative.

Veganism is increasingly becoming mainstream so now there are options to suit everyone whether you are doing it for the planet, animals,  your health or just trying to cut back on dairy. The vegan diet has a lower environmental impact and therefore more sustainable.

We hope you love our vegan range as much as we do.