Milk Chocolate Rocky Road Bars


Plush pillowy marshmallow clouds, chewy Turkish confections, lightly toasted shredded coconut batons, and roasted Australian peanuts draped in velvety milk chocolate.

A delightful indulgence adored for its lavish, sugary texture contrasted with an alluring crunch. This timeless confection blends creamy milk chocolate with airy marshmallow puffs offering a soft, melty bite. Locally crafted Turkish delights provide an intriguing chew and flavor complement. Gently toasted coconut strands impart a delicate tropical essence and light crispness. Finally, roasted Australian peanuts lend a satisfying crunch and rich, nutty undertones.

The name “Rocky Road” is said to evoke life’s bumpy journey, reflected in the varying textures of this decadent treat.

The harmonious flavors and delightful mix of velvety and crunchy elements make it a beloved classic craved by sweet tooths of all ages. Whether seeking an indulgent pick-me-up or a sharable dessert delight, our Rocky Road is a timeless indulgence guaranteed to satiate.

Offered in…

130g cellophane-wrapped logs x 24 units per carton.

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