Hi! At Everfresh Confectionery we have a love and obsession for all things chocolate. This make us happy.

Transforming simple ingredients to create delicious chocolate products that you will love. This is our passion.

We believe in the transformative power of chocolate, the ability to elevate happiness, create experiences and inspire friendships. It’s how we like to connect.

What began in 1939 as the Everfresh Snowball Company has evolved and grown with our family taking over in 1990.  Our passion for chocolate and commitment to offering the best quality products has been rewarding and we are proud to be an Australian family owned, made and operated business.

We manufacture an extensive range of products which includes a panned range; think premium chocolate covered nuts, chocolate dried fruit, chocolate jellies and our must have Australian freeze dried strawberries covered in pure chocolate and much, much more. Our chocolate Easter range consists of premium chocolate foiled eggs and chocolate gift boxed bunnies in a range of sizes ready to be enjoyed. The enrobed range; think moreish chocolate covered pretzels, tempting chocolate Turkish delight, irresistible chocolate aniseed rings and more. The cluster & speckles range; think old school classics like chocolate peanut clusters, chocolate coconut roughs, chocolate speckles and more delicious treats. Our certified vegan chocolate range which is growing to include many of our popular treats is not only delicious but suitable for those who’d like to include more plant based food in their diet.

Our confectionery products are sold in bulk quantities to wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

You can read more about us, our chocolate, ingredients and what we make on our scoop page or feel free to contact us if you can’t find what your looking for.

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We are committed to using premium ingredients and we will use Australian produce where available. Many of our nuts including macadamias, almonds, peanuts are Australian and so are our sultanas and freeze-dried strawberries…to name a few.

“Experience decadent chocolate that’s silky smooth, rich and creamy.”